Company Mission Statement

City Hova Inc. will work to understand our clients’ needs and deliver robust, timely solutions to the challenges of their RPAS operations.

We will be the calming voice in the turbulent world of RPAS regulations, navigating the complicated and rapidly evolving RPAS landscape with the confidence and clarity that’s essential to our clients’ success.

Company Core Values

Ownership – we will take ownership of the challenges and tasks we face and will be accountable for achieving the required results in a timely manner.

Integrity - Acting with complete integrity in every aspect of our operation.

Responsibility - Remaining continuously mindful of our responsibility to each other, our clients, state regulators and our environment. "

Our Team

Seth Moffat, Co-Founder

Seth has over 20 years experience in the aviation industry, with thousands of fixed-wing commercial aircraft flying hours. In addition to being a graduate of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in the United States, Seth is a light aircraft owner, ‘advanced’ certified drone pilot and has been involved in a number of successful aviation start-ups in Canada.

Chris Robertson, Co-Founder

Chris is an experienced Boeing 787 airline captain with over 13,000 flying hours on various Boeing aircraft, holding Air Transport Pilot licenses with the UK CAA, FAA and Transport Canada. Prior to his commercial flying career, Chris completed a degree in mathematics from the University of Glasgow. In his spare time, he is a keen kite surfer and high altitude mountaineer.

Christian Ilumin, Co-Founder

Christian has over 25 years of experience in commercial aviation with extensive experience in business development, regulatory compliance and operations management. His professional development include project management, marketing & CRE. He has been involved in a number of airline start-ups, including Skyregional Airlines, Virgin America and more recently Canada Jetlines.

Larry Pinto

Larry has been flying for 53+ years and has accumulated more than 23,000 hours, including 12 years in the Arctic, flying out of Yellowknife across the Canadian North and from Thompson along the communities on the Eastern Shore of Lake Winnipeg and the Keewatin. These operations involved transporting passengers and freight in harsh weather conditions. In addition, Larry was the lead in the issuance of 3 Transport Canada Operating Certificates, which were successfully obtained in very tight timelines. He is also a participant in the TCCA CAIRAC committee.

In addition he has been the lead in the issuance of three separate Transport Canada Operating Certificates, which were all successfully obtained in very tight timelines, as well as participation in a TCCA CAIRAC committee.

Andrew Dalesandro - Transport Canada Certified RPAS Flight Reviewer & Trainer

Andrew is a professional airline pilot for a major Canadian airline and has over a decade of experience in the aviation industry. He has years of training experience as a Transport Canada Certified Flight Instructor. Throughout the years, Andrew has been involved in many facets of aviation training, ranging from teaching ab initio, budding pilots, the fundamentals of flying, to training highly experienced airline pilots at major airlines.

Alexander Foley

Alex Foley is a professional Airline pilot by trade and an avid model aircraft enthusiast. Commercially rated since the age of 21 he pilots the Boeing 737NG & 737MAX-8 for one of Canada’s largest Airlines. During the pandemic he has also found time to revisit his passion flying light twin aircraft through out the BVI and Lesser Antilles.

Alex began designing, building and flying Remote Controlled Model Aircraft at the age of 13 and is something he continues to do to this day.

His love for all things Aviation related has led him into the ever expanding world of Drones were he was fortunate enough to join the HOVA INC. team in it’s infancy. Since then he has acquired his Advanced RPAS certification.

Born in Yorkshire, Harrogate, Alex now splits his time between Toronto, ON Canada and the beautiful British Virgin Islands.

Luciano Di Blasi - RPAS designer and manufacturer.

Luciano Di Blasi - RPAS designer and manufacturer.

Luciano is the project lead for RPAS design at the Royal Military College of Canada.

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